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Lemelson-Caltech Student Prize

The $30,000 Lemelson-MIT Caltech Student Prize

Although we no longer offer the Lemelson-MIT Caltech Student Prize we salute the winners.

Guoan ZhengWendian 'Leo' ShiChao MaHeather Agnew Yvonne Y. Chen Ophir Vermesh William Chueh

The Lemelson-MIT Caltech Student Prize seeked to recognize and inspire burgeoning innovators and inventors. It was awarded to a Caltech senior undergraduate or graduate student who has created or improved a product or process, applied a technology in a new way, redesigned a system, or in other ways demonstrated remarkable inventiveness. Students gain invaluable exposure to the science, business, and investment communities through participation in this competition.



This award was part of a comprehensive program established by the Lemelson Foundation to raise the stature of inventors and to inspire invention among young people. The Lemelson-MIT Caltech Student Prize Program was funded by the Lemelson-MIT Program, which also funds the $30,000 Lemelson-Illinois Student Prize at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and the $30,000 Lemelson-Rensselaer Student Prize at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

The Caltech program was further underwritten by a generous contribution from Dr. Michael W. Hunkapiller (PhD '74).

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